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Travel Scholarship Recipients Announced!

Congratulations to the 7 winners of the 2023 Bill Rose Foundation travel scholarship!

The winners are:

  • John Peppers, Virgina Tech

  • Jackie Guevara, Michigan State University

  • Tyler VanLandingham, The Ohio State University

  • Qianqian (Amy) Fan , University of Georgia, Griffin Campus

  • Amy Wilber, Mississippi State University

  • Esdras Carbajal, North Carolina State University

  • Harshita Saxena , University of Georgia, Griffin Campus

These students will be awarded $1,500 each to help them attend the Pure Seed Field Day in Canby, Oregon on June 21-23, 2023. The field day is a great opportunity for students to learn about the latest research and developments in turfgrass science, and to network with professionals in the industry.

The winners were selected based on their academic achievements, their research interests, and their commitment to the turfgrass industry. They were all highly qualified candidates, and the Foundation is excited to support their future endeavors.

The Foundation would like to thank all of the students who applied for the scholarship. We were very impressed with the quality of the applications, and we wish all of the students the best of luck in their studies.

The Bill Rose Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting turfgrass research and education. The Foundation was established in 2022 in memory of Bill Rose, a pioneer and legend in the turfgrass industry. The Foundation's mission is to bridge the gap between the academic world and the real-world application of turfgrass research and development. The Foundation accomplishes this goal by providing turfgrass science students with travel scholarships to industry events and field days, and by awarding funding to academic programs engaged in sustainable turfgrass research.

Field of Study: Turfgrass Weed Science

Research Project: John is a third year PhD student at Virginia Tech studying turfgrass weed science. His current research primarily revolves around the evaluation of novel techniques for annual grass weed control in intensively managed turfgrass systems. These techniques include new usage programs of methiozolin (PoaCure), scientific evaluation of targeted application devices, and herbicidal efficacy screening of new active ingredients for annual grassy weed control.

Field of Study: Turfgrass management; soil fertility

Research Project: FIFA World Cup 2026 Research -- PhD research: Evaluating the effects of Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass seeding ratios on sod grown on plastic.

Field of Study: Turfgrass Science

Research Project: Refining best management practices for nitrogen applications to cool-season turfgrass lawns across Ohio.

Field of Study: Crop Science

Research Project: Qianqian is currently a Ph.D student at the Crop & Soil Science Department of the University of Georgia. Her research is to explain abiotic stress tolerance of plants from physiology and molecular biology with an emphasis on protein metabolism. The overall goal of her research is to enable turfgrasses to cope with climate change, ultimately improving profitability and maintaining the sustainability of turf.

Field of Study: Turfgrass weed science and precision turfgrass management.

Research Project: Detection of grassy weed species within desirable turfgrasses using remote sensing.

Field of Study: Plant Breeding

Research Project: Improving turfgrass quality and disease resistance through interploidy breeding in warm season grasses.

Field of Study: Harshita’s major field of research is turfgrass breeding for disease resistance.

Research Project: Her work focuses on the molecular characterization of Magnaporthe oryzae which causes gray leaf spot (GLS) disease on oats and turfgrasses in the US. This work will integrate the conventional and contemporary plant breeding approaches for molecular mapping, genome-wide association studies (GWAS), and quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis of the GLS-resistant genes.


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